In talking with my mom recently and telling her about my work and how much I don’t like it (again, with that negativity – just sneaks right up on you 😜), her response was something that I feel MANY people are conditioned to say/think. She proceeded to tell me how she only really liked her job for X amount of years, and I should be grateful, especially during these times, that I have stable income basically coming in.

She is not wrong in the sense of yes, I am grateful, the issue I have is – why should I only really like my job X amount of years before I retire? Why is this an okay mentality to have? I feel many people just become complacent in what they do and basically end up “settling”. I want a career that makes me happy and that I can enjoy doing in my life – life is wayyyy too short, so why settle?

I know this goes back to my blog regarding me finding my passion, but it is pretty mind blowing to realize most people think this way and don’t wake up to realize, they can actually do whatever they wish to do! Our subconscious mind is really the key to unlocking what we, as humans, experience in our lives. Even if we do affirmations daily and incorporate different routines, if we can’t reprogram our own minds and our own thought processes/beliefs – then we are forever stuck in the way society wants us to be stuck in.

My own interpretation is society has us confined into a box and in this box list different programs that everyone needs to follow to be “contained”. Society has us eat certain foods, drink certain liquids, and do different things that doesn’t allow ourselves to be able to unlock our true higher self. Now I am not saying that I will or that I want to ever follow specific guidelines to be able to free myself of this, because that path I feel is not for me. For example, a food I learned not to eat is onion – our body itself tells you that it is not good for you. When you cut open an onion it makes our eyes tear up and yet we still digest it.

Following these guidelines – are what I feel real true “Masters” do and follow in order to basically be cleansed enough to be able to connect above and beyond what a normal person, such as myself, wants to do. It is interesting to learn and read up on but again, it is a little too on the extreme side for me. My desire is to be able to get to a higher level in regards to being able to manifest & bring peace within myself and those around me. Maybe at some point I will want to dive into the different dimensions and be able to time hop and do all this interesting stuff during mediation but for now, I feel I am on my right path.

Wellness and Relaxation (#paidad)

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