Types Of Meditation I Have Tried

Far I have tried a couple of different types of meditation and I know there are more ways to meditate than just the ones I have come across but these are my thoughts/experiences about each one so far. Warning – I am at the beginning stages and don’t use the proper grammar for what meditations are really supposed to be referred to.

Music. I have yet to try using this one in an actual meditation. I listen to certain sleep meditations where the music is supposed to help with certain vibrations, depending on what it is that a person wants. I find it to be relaxing and while I enjoy it, I am in need of headphones. The headphones I use aren’t exactly meant for sleeping so they get in my way and eventually half way through the night, I will wake up and turn it off. I have also tried to listen to meditations with just music (again, not for meditation specifically) during my work day. I find it to be calming and over all enjoy it because it does help me throughout my day.

Guided. I mainly use this type in my morning routine. I find it easy to follow along and still am able to visualize and get lost in the meditation. I have read this really is a “beginner” level to meditation because I am still building my focus to where I will eventually be able to just meditate on my own with no help. But for now it works for me and I do feel if you are someone like me, who doesn’t have a “coach” and is exploring it on your own, this is a wonderful stepping tool to utilize. Typically I use this type revolving around manifestation and aligning/unblocking my chakras.

Affirmations. Personally, I prefer to listen to affirmations on my way to work. It helps set my mood driving in versus me thinking about having to drive into work! Some people I know prefer to look into a mirror while doing affirmations and state what they want to state versus listening to a recording of affirmations. But I guess it depends on what works best for you. I have done an actual meditation with affirmations and I did enjoy it; however, I rather do another type of meditation than this one. I just felt that I didn’t get as much out of it as I do when I listen to it in the car.

Solo. Not sure how to properly say just regular ole meditation. Like I mentioned – this one is my goal. Meditation in itself is nothingness. Literally, you are just in a state of being – no thoughts, no visuals – nothing! My thoughts still like to pop up randomly or all of a sudden I am on this weird line of thoughts where I have to tell myself to focus (on nothing) and come back. It takes practice and I know I will get there in time 😊!

During my meditations, personally I like using this mat (below #paidad) to meditate on because it’s cushioned enough on my hard floors where I am comfortable as well as it is great for yoga/stretching afterwards (and affordable). However, to meditate you can use a chair, bed, or anything really that you can get comfortable and relax on.

WWWW Non Slip Yoga Mat ECO Friendly TPER,72″x24″ Extra Thick 1/4″ Exercise & Workout Mat for Yoga Fitness

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