Tis the most wonderful time of the year! I really love Christmas – just the whole holiday in general. Now that I live in a state that gets snow, even though I hate driving in it, it is just so pretty come Christmas time.

And for those that are like wait hold up – what happened to Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is alright – I mean if you look at the history of it all, all I really can say is I love the family getting together aspect and the food but that’s it. Christmas is on a whole other level.

Even if some feel that Christmas has been commercialized in the sense of people trying to buy expensive gifts and maybe out do the other person, I personally don’t feel that way so for me it still has this “magic” around it. I could care less if I receive a gift but I love shopping and buying stuff for other people. I love the movies that come along with it and all the awesome dΓ©cor that you get to see around the town, throughout neighborhoods, etc. One of my favorite things to do is go look at Christmas’ lights while driving around drinking hot chocolate and eating a candy cane – it is the best!

This weekend we are actually going to decorate our home because it is just a tradition to put up everything the day (or weekend) after Thanksgiving. But this year I am going to buy my better half and I matching pajama sets to do it in while we play Christmas music in the background – SO EXCITED! Since last year we went to Texas to visit my children and friends (and weren’t home to do anything), this will be the first year of us actually really doing stuff for Christmas.

Family Matching Pajamas for Girls Women Men Elf Pjs Children Striped Sleepwear Baby Boys Clothes Kids Size 6 (pajama sets that I bought #paidad)

Last night we watched our first Christmas movie and finally this morning I let the Christmas music play and didn’t change the station. I know with Covid and more people having to stay home, it seemed that Christmas started earlier this year with the music and decorations. I understand the reasoning behind it because we could use all the extra cheer we can get this year, since 2020 has not been the greatest. However, it was just TOO SOON…too soon – I had to at least hold out until Thanksgiving week to start the Christmas festivities. But now… let the festivities begin!

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