Living in the Now

I kind of feel that people’s attention span has become less and less over the years. Yes, the world of electronics has evolved and there is some pretty cool technology out there but at the same time, I feel that it is limiting us as well. Even now with the corona virus, those that are stuck at home I can guarantee you aren’t just sitting down on the couch watching TV only. I see it everywhere, where people consistently have to do multiple things. For example, watching TV while eating or on their phone or doing this and doing that. I feel that as a society we have been programmed to want to be entertained every second of the day.

I am guilty of this too. I notice sometimes that my attention span is short at times where I lose focus with what I am doing. Driving down the road, my mind drifts to where – I am not sure where it goes, but then all of a sudden, I am back driving. Listening to music, all of a sudden, I realize that the song is almost over and because I wasn’t paying enough attention to the lyrics (because there are just some songs you have to appreciate the lyrics for) – I replay the song! Watching a movie, I will pick up my phone and then realize I have now shifted my focus to where I no longer know what is going on in the movie.

There are times where you have to multi-task to get things done. I am not referring to those times, I am just saying in general, many of us have gone away from making ourselves focus on 1 thing only to really appreciate what is going on or as I refer to it as – living in the now. As soon as we start drifting, we are no longer focused on what is happening “now”. If I am worried about something I am now living in the future because I am usually worried about something that is approaching. If I am remembering or thinking about something that happened in the past, I am now living in the past. It is mind blowing when you really start paying attention to your focus. I cannot tell you how many times I have to stop my train of thoughts because they start drifting everywhere but staying in the now.

I think the drifting is just something that is so natural to us that we don’t even realize it enough to control it – we let it control us. Just like when someone makes you upset and you react and/or replay it over in your head – guess what? If that was a game, you just lost because you are now letting that person control you by effecting your thoughts and feelings.

I am kind of getting of subject here but really what it comes down to is I don’t think having the ability to access everything at any time has helped us in the grand scheme of things. I am not knocking the tools that were created, just that I think as individuals, we owe it to ourselves to really focus and live in the “now”.

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