Script Letters

I have come across this idea numerous of times throughout my journey but never actually took the time to really sit down and do it or read more into it. Today the most bizarre thing happened. Well let me first say this – this year I mentally feel different than last year. I am not sure if it is the meditations in the morning or the sleep meditations that I listen to throughout the night, but something has changed and I LOVE IT! So back to what happened today. I pulled up Youtube and this same interview video has been popping up for weeks now (that I have chosen to ignore) about a women who wrote a letter where all the manifestations came true over the course of several months. So I watched the video and decided to do it. But since I am at work, I had to do some actual work first and didn’t do it right away.

When I started writing it, I thought – wait how did she write it – because you have to write it from a point of view where things have already happened (and I wanted to make sure I did all the verbiage correct). So pulled back up the video but before I played it, I noticed a video on the side regarding live writing. IT WAS EXACLTY WHAT I NEEDED! I put it in caps because seriously, never once has this video EVER pulled up for me – it was so bizarre. I know some may think well it is probably because you searched that type of video or it just did it on it’s own because it related to what you were watching. Which is true about the videos I see, I will give you that. BUT, I didn’t search anything (went directly from my browsing history to get the direct link to click) and this video has never, ever shown itself to me – EVER lol.

Back to my letter. It is so true how we have this “level” of belief in ourselves. For the letter, the main thing is to write things that you actually, deep down, believe is possible to achieve. If you put “I make 10 million dollars” but in your head you are like “yeah right I could never make that much” – then guess what? You will never make that much. So it is interesting to see where my levels were at in regards to how I see my life. I had to rewrite my letter because although some of what I wrote is what I would love to manifest – while I wrote it, it didn’t feel right, it just didn’t settle right with me. So I ended up crossing out some, making corrections, and adding things that just naturally flowed out of me. The whole intent of when you are writing, is to be in a mind space of positivity/calm/joy/etc., so doing this letter I made sure what I was writing, was something that I really could connect to in a positive way.

Now, the next steps is for me to read this letter every morning and every night for the next 30 days then just file it away and forget about it. I am excited to try this process, especially this year, because I know regards of the outcome or how long it takes – I will be on the right path for my life!

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