Vision Board

I finally took the time yesterday and completed my vision board! This is something that is commonly used in practicing the law of attraction and for manifesting. I did want to do one last year but just didn’t have the motivation to sit down and actually put one together. For me it was a bit time consuming because I wanted to ensure I captured each level of my life in a way that I envisioned it.

While putting it together I had nothing but feelings of pure happiness and excitement – I mean this is my future and literally I felt like I was picking out of a catalog what I wanted my future to look like. It was such an exciting process for me! The things on my board revolved around my work, relationship, family, myself, and home life. For example, I put pictures of a home floor layout plan, type of dog, income, etc. I didn’t go into depth like picking a picture of what I want my living room to look like or this specific weight goal for me. I just choose pictures that aligned with my vision in my head and that I connected with.

I think it is important when putting a vision board together, to be able to have a positive emotional connect with everything that is posted on there. Otherwise, I feel that I would be basically putting up any random picture and my manifestation wouldn’t happen because there’s no energy being put into it. I just now stay with the mindset of: “Where focus goes, energy flows” – whether that is positive or negative (so I try to be conscious of my focus and the emotions behind it).

I put it up on my wall yesterday and told my wife, she needed to match me with my vibes!🤣 It is true that “your tribe, is your vibe” – so I know if I am the only one that is being positive and doing all of this stuff but then I am around someone that is completely opposite, then I am ultimately making it that much harder for myself to have the future I want. Lucky for me, I have a very encouraging wife and even though she may not partake in everything I am doing on my journey, she never lets me down with supporting me and my beliefs. It also helps that we are on the same page regarding our future goals and talk about it often with one another.

So I am very happy with the way it all turned out and only wished I had done it sooner. I think if anything it only brought my feelings and energy into a new level, where I feel that much closer to my future. There are no time limits to the Universe; therefore, I know the speed in which everything happens is really dependent on my belief system and my alignment with the Universe. So in doing this activity, I definitely feel that it has elevated my belief system and has helped me along in my journey.

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