Weight Loss

Week 1 – weight loss

Total Loss: 9.2lbs

Sunday. Day 1 – I was starving! Literally I probably didn’t eat enough calories because I strictly just went by points but hadn’t really dived into all of the “zero” point foods that I could have ate. The day was easy to follow but went to bed hungry.

The rest of the week was pretty easy to follow. I definitely did more researching and looking into recipe ideas so for this week (week 2) I have more of a variety to choose from and new recipes to make. My craving for this week was sweets and having left over Christmas candy did not help my cause! I did good and did not even sneak 1 piece but that was the toughest and I am not even a sweet fan (I am all about chips).

Friday. Day 6 – This was my toughest day. My normal routine is to just be fat with my wife aka fast food. Normally we just get whatever we feel like eating without a care in the world. Well I stayed strong while she still had her normal fat day!

I think that is probably the toughest in doing this plan, the fact she isn’t on it 100% with me. She is very supportive and actually pretty much cooks all my meals and eats mostly the same dinner as I do. However, sometimes looking at her plate versus my plate hasn’t been the easiest LOL. I just keep reminding myself how much I will appreciate my determination come summertime when I have to buy a new wardrobe because my clothes are all too big!

So overall, easy first week! It was all about just getting my body used to eating small portions and more frequently. This week I am going to incorporate exercise along with the stretching I am already doing, with a small goal of 3x a week. I stretch everyday (for about 10 minutes) but if I put too much on me all at once, I am more prone to failing/not sticking with it. By setting a small and attainable goal, I know I will actually follow through and meet it.

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