Weight Loss

Week 3

SW:206.6  CW: 194.0

This week I will keep short and simply. I lost exactly 2.0 pounds (I will take it)! I am actually doing really well, if I can pat myself on the back for a second. Really though, my cravings have been muted – sometimes I still crave fast food but I think because I am able to incorporate a lot of my “normal” meals into my weekly plan, I don’t feel like I am restricting myself or being too limited on what I can consume. I did have Subway this past week but still was able to enjoy it with staying in my points, so that may become my fast food go to (because it was delicious lol). I did notice this past week that my stomach has shrunk, or I assume it has, because I don’t feel as hungry/looking forward to my next meal and there was a dinner that I couldn’t even finish because I was full.

My downfall this week was definitely my exercise! I only did two days’ worth of exercises. I think I pretty much have down what I am eating so this week will definitely focus on more exercises. I still stretch daily, I actually do enjoy doing this as my nighttime routine, but yeah – just have to incorporate more exercises!

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