Weight Loss

Week 5

Loss for this week – 0.2lbs

I am so late in posting this since I am actually towards the end of week 6. But out of all the weeks, week 5 was my most lax week. I went off course with some sweets and alcohol but since I still managed to still loose and not gain, I am pretty happy.

I have been the worse about being motivated regarding working out. Even this week, I have yet to start going to the gym. And yes, I am about to use the weather as an excuse because the weather has been getting significantly colder, which then enables my lack of motivation to just wanting to stay inside!

I did do my measurements to compare to when I first started and have lost a few inches kind of all over. I keep wanting to write about my current week because towards the end of week 5 into this week, my clothes have been fitting better. A sweatshirt I really thought had shrunk a bit is back to fitting right 🙄..guess it wasn’t the dryers fault this time. My jeans aren’t as snug anymore around my waist either, which I think I am the most happy about. But overall week 5 was a good week, I just really needed a night to not worry about points. I think that is what makes it easy to stay on this plan – when I have a “cheat day” it is really easy to get right back on track because it isn’t that restrictive (in a sense of I feel like I am missing out).

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