I haven’t done an update regarding my spiritual journey so here is what I have been up to!

Affirmations. I kind of listen to these on my way into work. I won’t say I am a daily listener, but I do listen a couple of days out of the week (roughly 3-4 times). I do have a sleep meditation that is all affirmations and will listen to this meditation randomly throughout the week as well.

Meditations. 99% of the time I do morning meditations, 60% I do a night meditation, and 99% I do a sleep meditation. I absolutely love meditating. My night meditations vary because sometimes I end up falling asleep in the middle of one or I am just too tired and put a sleep one on right away. My meditations though have expanded. At the beginning I was more focused on the manifesting aspect and really used those guided meditations to help me in visualizing. Over the months/weeks, I have mixed them up to include self-healing, third eye opening, and chakra alignments. My newest has revolved around the 3rd eye chakra because I really want to be focused on allowing myself to be completely connected to my intuition. Over the years, I know I have lost touch with it and find it difficult to know if it is my intuition or just my mind telling me things. My next thing to explore is probably shadow working because it has been popping up everywhere for me and I just feel like something is nudging me to dive in a little deeper.  

Tarot. I still listen to the different tarot card readings. It is a mix of entertainment/guidance. Because they are such a general reading, I take what I can out of the readings. I do find it uplifting when I watch multiple people that end up having the exact message for me. I have had same cards appear/messages/synchronicities that cannot be explained. I do practice on myself with my own tarot cards but definitely need more practice on that skill!

I think that may be it. I am constantly looking up things and watching YouTube videos just to expand my knowledge and also I find it extremely interesting. Just like today, I was looking into how to read of birth chart but decided that is for another day! That is a whole other level to get into/learn about 🌞⭐🌙

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