Weight Loss

Week 6 & 7

Week 6 loss 2.0 lbs / Week 7 gained 0.6 lbs

Since I slacked off last week, I decided to combine my two weeks together to get me back on track (currently on my 8th week). Week 6 I did a really good job with staying on track and sticking to my basic meal plan. Both weeks I failed when it came to physical activity. Straight up – I say this week after week but I just have no motivation currently to get into a exercise routine. I even stopped stretching daily, which I really should be doing at the very least. I don’t know what it is, can’t find the groove yet. The only exercise I get consists of me dancing in my car on the drive home. I did dance around the house this past Friday which felt amazing (and tiring) at the same time. I just love to dance because it is very freeing – especially when no one is around so you just let loose and let the music take over. I would say for me, it is more therapeutic in a way. Absolutely love it! But back to my weight…

For week 7, I did good Sunday – Thursday, then Friday hit! We celebrated my wife’s birthday early and so that came with snacking on whatever I wanted with mixed drinks. And then Saturday and Sunday, came Aunty Flo and it was just so hard to put the chips down and walk away. My willpower crumbles when it comes to chips. I am horrible at not wanting chips once I start eating them. So anyways, long story short – I gained because I completely feel off track but I am okay with this. Part of life is enjoying it so you have to enjoy without restrictions from time to time and now I am back on track (minus 1 night because we are having a dinner out on her actual birthday). I also have learned majority of my dinners consists of: grilled chicken with a side, pizza, or tacos. These are the three main dinners that get repeated all the time but haven’t grown tired of them yet.

Even with the little set back this past week – I still feel really good about my weight loss journey so far this year. The biggest motivator for me right now is the fact my clothes are fitting a lot better and moving around in general is a lot easier. I literally feel a bit lighter and therefor can move and bend with more ease. Not even a full 2 months in yet and I so pretty proud of how far I have come in a little amount of time.

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