Shadow Work

This week I decided to explore shadow work. A brief description is basically healing your inner child. Now I have read/watched videos in regard to this subject and what it boils down to is doing inner work on yourself in a way that is comfortable to you. There aren’t really any “rules” per say but you definitely can find tips to help you with the process.

The different methods I have found are meditating, drawing, writing, and talking/having conversations out loud. There are probably more ways to do this type of work but those are consistently the main ones I have come across. I have tried all but the drawing because it is the one I personally connect the least to. The drawing technique is where you just take whatever tool (marker/crayon/etc.) and put it to a blank piece of paper and just draw whatever comes to you (without thinking about it). Out of the other 3, meditating and writing were the easiest for me. The talking out loud is where you visualize (with eyes open) welcoming your “little you” to sit down and have a conversation with. It is closely related to meditating in the concept of you voice and ask questions to the little you and then just wait and hear what little you has to say back. Of course, you have to be in a space where you are ready to receive with no distractions and quieting your mind because otherwise you may start having an inner dialogue with yourself going “wait is this me making up stuff” or basically just doubting the whole process. Writing is the same concept except instead of voicing everything, you write down everything. It is an amazing process to just let yourself flow on the paper; all kinds of random things were written out on my sheet that I can’t explain where they came from other than hidden away inside of me (things I have forgotten completely about but then in writing I remembered them).

While I did the meditation technique, the most surprising part is how much I cried to be completely honest. You visualize yourself going into your old childhood bedroom with little you (around 5 years old) on the bed and both versions get excited to see yourself and I just can’t really put into words how intense the feelings are. Like my little me was just bright, happy, and so innocent, so then all these emotions just start flooding because you realize just how much shit you have put your own self through over the years. To sum it up I would 100% ..1000% recommend doing this process. I will continue to do it throughout the rest of my life just to be able to connect with myself ..again no words.

After you do whatever technique that hits home, you then have to consciously be aware of what makes you “tick”. You have to really start questioning yourself to why you have a strong reaction to some things, positive or negative. For example, a stranger says or does one thing to you and all of a sudden inside you have these negative emotions flooding you ..and you went from being happy to a state of being pissed off. There is a reason for that! If you look at someone and are like “oh I can’t stand her because of this and this”… most likely it is because they reflect yourself in some way that you don’t even realize. It can reflect your shadow self – the self that hides and you push away without consciously doing it. On the flip side for positivity, if something just feels so right and you get this inner peace/excitement – ask yourself why, look deep within. There is a reason why it is connecting to you especially if it is strong! No one should ever have power over your emotions and guess what? They don’t! You allow them to have power because something inside of you is screaming out… and it is up to you to do that work, find out what it is, accept it, make peace, and become whole again.

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