Weight Loss

Week 8

Weight: 187.6

Weight loss this week: 2.6 lbs

So overall from an outsider it looks like it was a good week for me BUT I honestly do not know how I managed this weight loss. In no ways am I complaining but just being honest – I did terrible this week.

I don’t even want to go into physical activity because I just can’t seem to start – so! I will focus on that when the weather is nicer outside (which it is starting to warm up). For now, I won’t even kid myself because if I put a goal right now, I literally am setting myself up for failure. I will mention if I do any extra activity throughout my weeks but really that is not my focus right now.

Where to begin with my food this week 😫 … I ate fast food/unhealthy almost 4 out of the 7 days. I let my wife’s birthday be an excuse to be fat all week – let’s just be honest! It was nice to take a break from worrying about points and tracking and etc. I know I could have reigned it in a bit, but deep down I didn’t want to! I think it is easy to say welllll birthdays involve going out to eat and it is a special event so whatever… but really I knew what I was doing. I was FULLY aware of the fact that stuffing my face with fries and chips were not the healthy way to go.  

With that being said, this week is ALLLL about getting back on track and sticking to my points. No complaints about the weight loss this week but internally I know that I can do a lot better with my eating habits. It isn’t only about the scale for me, the whole journey is to not only loose weight but to become healthier and make better choices. So, because I lost but I know it wasn’t a “healthy” success, I am not as happy with this small victory but it was a nice week “off”.

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