This week with all that I am experiencing, I thought I would give examples, maybe to help anyone who is reading this that is experiencing similar things. Sometimes it helps just to know you aren’t alone. Lately I have been seeing double numbers all over the place – on license plates, videos, randomly pausing a video, the clock, etc. It can be 22, 44, 11, etc. As I typed up the numbers, looking at the clock it is 10:22. So these synchronicities are popping up all over the place for me and even random thoughts become a reality. For example, yesterday I was thinking about a certain YouTube channel and how I should start checking out her videos – literally a minute or two later, I received an email from that person. Another example is my wife and I were watching Wheel of Fortune and I said, “A and N” the person then called out for a “A” then “N”, in that exact order. If I really wanted to sit and think, I could probably fill this whole blog up with things that a skeptical person may call coincidences, but I refer to them as synchronicities that are put here to show/confirm I am on the right path. I am pretty sure I have written this at some point, but it is crazy to see how the more you open up, the more the Universe opens up to you.

I had this discussion over the weekend regarding to how fluid spirituality works. There is definitely no white and black answer – there is gray all over the place! What may work for me might not work for everyone. What resonates and feels right to me, won’t with others. We went to a spiritual store (not sure what the correct term is) over the weekend and I picked up some stones and a book about healing chakras with stones. Instinctually I feel that now that they are my stones (and my energy goes into them), I personally don’t want anyone to touch them because I don’t want anyone’s energy to be put into them. However, someone else may believe that it is okay for others to touch their stones because it doesn’t effective them whatsoever. Also, I feel some of the things I have experienced are only meant for me and therefore, I don’t share because I feel in a way it looses it’s “magic”. I feel that everyone needs to have their own experiences and if I share something than it takes away from their experience in a way. For example, I want to share some things with my friends but don’t because I feel that when they are ready, they will seek out the information for themselves…like the learning process is part of the experience. I don’t know if that makes any sense but hopefully it does! So again, I feel that you have to listen to your intuition of what feels right and just go with that feeling.

We are all here on individual paths and what also helps in molding our path is our free will. Even if we were brought here for a specific reason, if we chose (aka free will) not to follow that path then guess what? We won’t. It is an interesting notion to reflect upon because we literally are the creators of our own life and why choose misery when you can choose happiness? I won’t say learning to trust and go with the flow has been the easiest for me, in reality that is a hard aspect for me. I keep reminding myself “who am I not to trust” but it is easy to let our ego take over and revert back to our comfort zone and for me that is trying to control everything and overthink!

I started a “journal” in a way to really try in help me conquer this aspect and to really see how my mindset is for that day. It is easier to reflect back on the day before and realize my triggers and in doing this – it is helping me focus my energy on things that benefit and serve me. Energy focused on negativity or the “victim” side of why is this happening, life is always unfair, this ALWAYS happens to me no matter what I do/try…will keep you in that mindset and the same patterns will continue to repeat themselves until you decide to not focus on that any more. You can also see it as a lesson that will get repeated until you learn/grow from it. It is a struggle but worth it. It is always worth it to “level up” as I see it. I consider it a level up because what once was holding you back, is now released, allowing you to move forward…moving into the life that you CHOOSE.  

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