Weight Loss

Week 9

Current Weight: 185.2

Lbs loss for the week: 2.4lbs

I overall had a really good week last week! We finally had a really nice day to where my wife and I were able to go and walk down by the beach. It felt soooo nice to just get out of the house! I feel like I have been cooped up for months because of the cold weather (winter) and with things being closed due to Covid, so I enjoyed it tremendously! With that being said, that about sums up my exercise for the week LOL….so moving on.

I did really good going back into my actual meal plan and sticking to my points. However, I am more and more lax about not tracking my points daily because I really do tend to eat the same type of dinners throughout the month, where I just know the points by now. I think the tracking was essential in January, since everything was so new but now that I have a routine going, I don’t find it is that necessary for me to do. However, I do still scan items with the Weight Watcher app when I am trying to look for alternative things to eat or if I just am not sure. But at this point, the only thing I am really consistently using the app for is my weekly weigh-ins.

Chips and queso dip are currently my weaknesses… it is just so damn good! I have gone away from sweet cravings back to the saltiness. I have always been more of a chip fan in my adult life so I feel like this may be something I always may struggle with but I am still mindful of how much I am shoving into my mouth, as opposed to just saying whatever to it and eating until I am content (or the bag is empty).

I have had a lot of going back and forth with my coffee though. I tried doing without coffee because the creamer is high in points and switching to energy drinks because the zero cans are literally zero in points. However, I decided to cut those bad boys out, since they really are unhealthy, and tried the chia-latte k-cups as a substitute. I do like these; however, they just didn’t do it for me…just didn’t hit the spot. So this week, I am now on sugar-free creamer because I just really miss my coffee (and cannot do black coffee🤮).  

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