Finding an Outlet

So, I know my poems will be dark and won’t go with the whole “positive” vibe that I am trying to focus on. However, with doing shadow work – I am finding myself more in touch with that darker side. The side that I have buried and hidden away and the one thing I recently found (just yesterday) that is “freeing” is through poems. I just posted one under my other category of just thoughts – that way it is kind of separate from the whole spiritual side I talk about under this category.

I decided I will post my poems to maybe help others that can relate to them. And if not, it helps me to use it as an outlet to help myself heal. Since I find it freeing and I don’t think think I am too terrible at them (LOL) – I figure why not πŸ˜‰. I showed my wife some of my quick poems I wrote and her response was what I think most that are close will feel – so I will make it clear: I am by no means unhappy or depressed, there is absolutely nothing to worry about 😊. Literally, this is so helpful internally for me that I hope others find an outlet that gives them that emotional healing that they may need in their life to be able to get through whatever they need to.

Reason why I chose poetry? I use to write random poems in middle school and just thought of how easily it came for me, that I decided to give it a try. Originally what sparked the idea was song writing but I don’t think what I can come up with is really song material (lets just be honest) because they are so short and I don’t know anything about doing all of that. Anyways, when I went to write a poem, it literally took me 5-10 mins to write it out and once I start, the words flow naturally. It doesn’t take me really any “effort” once I get started. I think the hardest part is getting started but even at that, sometimes an idea will pop in my head and I will just allow myself to go off freely on it (just like these blogs). I think that is also why I enjoy doing it – it isn’t too time consuming, comes easily, and I like the end result (poem and healing sides)!

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