Giving into Society Poem

Please please please…all it does is allows me to be on my knees. Instead of standing tall…all I do is fall. Can’t seek to grow when I am fed to stay low. Mindset they say I can change but when it shifts all I see is rage. Locked down…casted out.. all I am left with is self-doubt. Can’t speak up or say what’s on my mind because I am talking to the blind. People come and people go but their emotions are mine to hold. I try to move on…try to let go but can’t when I constantly get told no. I can’t see the light, there is no sound…I am so lost, with no one around. People with their opinions don’t speak the trust…they bash and bash…what else can I do? I take the bullsh*t…put up my wall…for I will always fall.

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