Weight Loss

Week 10

Current weight: 186.0

Gained this week: 0.8lbs

So here I was thinking okay I am doing good! We went and walked two days out of the week last week (which was increased physical activity) and I was eating pretty much on track – as well as loosing weight. Even though Sunday is my “official” weigh in day – I still weigh myself almost daily just because I want to make sure I am doing good (and maybe I have an unhealthy obsession). So, anyways – week was going well… until Saturday hit!

It reminds me of the following meme because that literally is what happened this Saturday… all was well until I decide to give into my cravings! My wife and I went and had brunch with my mom that morning and because we were “on the go” all day – we were just stuck with lets just get some fast food for dinner instead of cooking. With cooking also comes cleaning and on a day that you go, go, go…that is honestly the last thing you really want to do. I know this is a struggle for many people trying to lose weight and I am a clear example of this. I am not really going to bash myself for this because hey – that is life and we all have to go through the “downs” to get the rewards of the “ups”. Also, I physically paid a price for eating fast food because my stomach was so upset and kept me up all night…so trust me when I say – lessoned learned on that one!

I can’t believe though that I am writing about week 10! Where did time go??? I am already 2 months in and would have honestly thought I would have given up and gone back to my old habits by now (because that is what my past has shown me). So, I am super proud of myself for continuing on and still documenting how it is going for me. There isn’t any doubt that I will reach my goal, so I am just taking things day by day…little by little. Even with this gain, I still have a total loss of 20.6lbs – which I am ecstatic about!

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