Weight Loss

Week 11 & 12

Loss: 1.4 lbs from Week 10

For week 11, I didn’t track anything because I just wanted/needed a complete break. I didn’t want to have to think or worry about points. I know that needing a break is just life and part of me debated to just weigh in to document my weight but the other half (that won) said f it. I had weighed myself Friday the 12th (took a picture so I would remember) and then when I officially weighed myself yesterday the 28th, I was exactly the same weight. So I honestly used the pic from the 12th for my pic yesterday…..I guess all and all it worked out. Sometimes life just gets overwhelming and even though I would like to say – yes, I have awesome willpower – at the end of the day, I am only human and I just get emotionally exhausted and need a break from “life”.

With this week current week (for the week 13th weigh in) I am going to do measurements and do updated pictures (will post on my Instagram). I meant to do monthly pictures and measurements but yeah that obviously didn’t work out, so I will now do it quarterly, which will help in seeing my progress as well as help with my motivation.

Even though I was into a routine and pretty much had my points down and what not – I, like many, loose motivation after awhile. And even though I feel like I didn’t do my best in March, I am still pretty proud that I haven’t totally given up. In the past, by now I would have most likely already quit and already gained at least half of the weight back but with allowing myself some time “off” to reset and remind myself why I started this journey in the first place – I feel better about this week and my future. My goal for April is to get into a better physical routine as well as continuing to work on what I eat. Weight wise, I would like to be out of the 180s and start May in my 170s.

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