Dream World Poem

Too many demons in my head and even though I try to block them out, they keep asking me to come back to bed. It is so easy to be defeated and not win, to go back into the dream world that I was once in. But once the blindfold is off, you can’t be blinded – you have to stay true to yourself and not be misguided. Maybe staying in the dream world is the better option, as this new world I see only looks toxic. It is very much a “ME” world where everyone else is to blame. It is a world that looks at you different if you aren’t the same. People hate to look at themselves but be the first to call you out. It is pretty despicable when people feel the need to put you down and look at you like your invisible. People make rules and say certain things are acceptable, but when I look around there is a lot of negativity that is inescapable. At the end of the day, when everything is said and done…it is sad to look around and see what this world has become. And as the day ends, I struggle to not climb back into that bed, cover my eyes and go back to the beautiful place that was once inside my head.

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