Just Another Update

I am a Golden Girls fanatic so I came across this meme yesterday and thought it was perfect for how I feel. I haven’t lost any of my friends and in fact most people still don’t even know yet about this whole path I am on and my blog because I just don’t want to deal with reactions. What’s that known quote… something along the lines of – if they can’t accept you for who you are than your better off without them… but people that are the closest to me, are the ones that I respect the most when it comes to opinions (and me being Libra, doesn’t help either). Also, I know there will be some that think I am nuts or just weirded out that I went down this peculiar path because lets face it – I have also been on the end of that spectrum, being that person who judges others in a negative way.

The “real job” is what is killing me right now though! I so badly want to escape and pursue the dream that I have in my head but unfortunately, at least for the time being, I have to suck it up just a little more and learn to have patience! This doesn’t mean I am not putting my energy into my future, it is just necessary for me to continue my current job until I have the ability to close this chapter of my life.

The most recent thing I came across is the topic of “aliens”. And I saw this video where the guy was saying how for anything that people have a hard time explaining, they usually use one word to basically sum it up like aliens or dreams. People can’t really explain what happens during dreams other than being able to measure the REM sleep and things like that. But you can’t REALLY explain where “you” go, why we really have dreams, etc. So, going back to aliens, I think it fits into this similar category – it is hard to explain something that is simply unexplainable because it is a hard concept to understand, especially for a “closed” mind. For the longest time, this concept was hard for me to believe in because I tied it to the green aliens you see in movies and have never had a personal experience with any sort of “alien”. Also, I had a mindset of only crazy people believe in aliens – because of how people around me perceived it (and society in general). The older I get, the more I realize how small minded of me it is to think that in such a huge, complex Universe that we are the ONLY living things. And for me alien simply means a non-human living creature…whatever that may entail! I probably won’t go down this road in my blogs because it isn’t something that interest me enough to really research/read in to, but it is a cool subject to bring to light because there is a lot of information on this subject out there – in case someone reading this is interested in it.

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