Weight Loss

Week 13 & 14

Week 13: -0.2

Week 14: -1.4

I had to double up again because there just isn’t much happening here in this area of my life if I am being completely honest. I did go for my first jog in week 14 (last week) and almost died… not really … just out of shape! I also did start (week 13) going on a quick 10-15min walk at work to just get in some type of easy exercise. I made myself out to be a liar though! LOL … I didn’t post nor take updated pictures, which I will do at some point this week….for sure this time. I did do my measurements and overall have lost about 5 inches. My weak point currently is still salt, usual craving revolves around chips – so no change there. My craving for fast food semi increased, not really sure why but even as I type now I could really go for a burger and some fries but I mean like a REAL burger and fries where it leaves grease stains on the outside of the bag. I did have some cravings for sweets, like candy, but I think I am over that craving at least. My overall motivation has been a roller coaster – some days I am motivated and others, not so much. I am still on track to meet my goal of starting in the 170s in May but I really hope my motivation will kick back in because as everyone knows, when you have that drive and determination, it is so easy to stay on track but when it is lacking, it is so easy to fall of the wagon.

I know my weight, in general, will be something I will continue to struggle with until I can find that healthy balance in my life in regard to food and exercise. That is also a reason I think I choose to blog about this part of my life because it is relatable. So many people struggle in this area and for many different reasons (emotional eater, use food as a way to fill a void in his/her life, use food for comfort, etc.), that I just wanted to share my thoughts and experience along the way. Even though I title it as my weight loss journey, it is more of a journey in regard to finding a healthier way to live my life. And if anyone is curious about my struggle it is more so to do with my lack of will power. Maybe at some point I had an unhealthy obsession with weight (for other reasons than will power) then it transformed into a “I don’t care” attitude, which wasn’t healthy either because that is when I really ballooned up. Probably 5th grade, around 9 years old, is when I can really recall being more self-conscious about my weight. And no, I wasn’t an “obese” child, I actually was quite athletic and involved in different sports (which now as an adult, I have gotten lazier than I would like to admit). Growing up with a slimer older sibling sucks though lol.. let me just throw that out there. So, I just remember comparing myself to her all the time and even though at one point I was smaller than her, I really had an unhealthy obsession with my weight. To put it in perspective –  I probably have been weighing myself every day for a good 20 years now…not every single day but the vast majority of those days, I stepped onto a scale – if it was during my blow-up phase, then I went days without looking at a scale. So needless to say, now that I am learning about myself, I see how I was in the past (and the reasonings behind it) and now am trying to change my mentality for my future.

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