What Does it Mean to You?

I was watching I believe a YouTube video, where they talk about your goals/ what you want to manifest and the question of “what does it mean to you” came up. This stuck with me because when I look at what I want to achieve…which is a total change of career and somewhat lifestyle… my response would be “it means a lot to me”. But in looking into this question further … I can’t help but to think well if it means as much as I say it does then why am I not putting my energy/effort into this change. A person who has everything to lose, will find a way to achieve whatever it is versus someone who has a comfort/safety net. I right now am that person living within a comfort zone. I am not in a situation that puts me into a “panic” mode or a mode of just feeling like I have to figure this out or I am going to be fuc***. All that will happen to me, if I continue to lack motivation/effort, is nothing – I will continue doing my day to day, I will be unhappy and discontent in the long run but really I won’t be “hurting” physically or financially.

So, with having this question really stick in my head, I really have to up my game. I am a talker/dreamer and in reality I am a doer; however, the “doer” part of me has been pushed to the side because I lack inner motivation. I reallyyyyyy want some things to change BUTTT in reality I am doing little effort to achieve my goals. I am putting more of my energy into my current place of employment meaning putting more energy into something I don’t want versus taking that same amount of energy and applying it to myself.

This is what many of us do. We talk and we dream about what our life will look like/be one day but when it comes to your day to day life….how much of an effort are you really putting into that dream? What does it really mean to you…and how bad do you really want it?

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