There is just something about nature that I love. I know many people find nature to be peaceful, whether it is by water, mountains, forest, etc. The older I get, the more I grow to re-appreciate it. As a kid I spent as much time outdoors as possible – and unless the ground was too hot, you could even find me walking barefoot up and down my street. The older I got, especially coming from a big city, the less time I spent in nature. I know for spiritually purposes, the best way to ground yourself and work on your root chakra is to get out into nature, but in general – I think getting outdoors and away from the technology of this world is probably the most beneficially to anyone.

I could have a stressful day at work and decide to take a simple walk outside and my mood is instantly better. One day I remember just sitting outside, not doing anything but sitting and I just felt so relaxed and at peace. Depending on where someone lives, of course there could be pesky insects…too hot/humid…too cold…whatever! But just speaking in general terms – for me, there is nothing like being “one with nature”. And unfortunately, I think that is easy for people to forget. People take vacations in order to spend time outside or get too busy in their own life to appreciate it for all its worth. I know some people even recommend sun gazing because, when done in a safe way – the sun actually recharges your energy and improves your health in different ways.

I have a friend from Norway, and it is a normal practice for them to take random hour-long hikes in the forest areas on the weekend. When I first heard about this, I was dumbfounded because that is not a norm that I have been around but thought it was really cool and wish it was implemented in the states. I grew up with state parks, walking trails, and things of that sort but found that unless someone personally loves to do things like that as a hobby – it is not the norm.

I am not sure what made me blog about this random topic today, but I think it is important for people to remember how important nature is. I had this discussion with my wife the other day and I remember as a kid, hearing everything about saving the rainforest and how important it was (early 90s) and now… nothing. Even when the fires happened not that long ago, that was “trending” and “important” for all of 5 seconds until a new “trend” hit online… to me it is sad. We need nature to survive and as a whole, we need to remember to take time to reconnect and appreciate it.


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